MyGP App:

The core MyGP App described above was modified and deployed to help RDPR (Rural Development & Panchayat Raj) Department to manage their Panchayat Library Program “Oduva Belaku” during the pandemic. The app is now also used to track the implementation of the Grama Digi Vikasana program across the state which is a program we developed to transform GP libraries into digital transformation centers.

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*Note* Android Application - This app will be provided by Sikshana Team directly to Librarians

Sikshanapedia App

This app was developed during the Covid pandemic to help students continue to learn on a shared mobile device with limited online connectivity. Post the pandemic the app has since been upgraded to help teachers use it as a teaching aid, help students to supplement their learning and can help just about anyone to self-learn various skills beyond just academic. Some features about this app that sets it apart from similar apps are:

  • Curated high-quality content organized in an easy to navigate format
    • For teachers the app supports for differentiated teaching, quizzes, variety of resources on a topic, digital lesson plans and to run classes in flipped mode
    • For students content organized as per their school curriculum
    • For youth to acquire digital skills, get career guidance, etc.
  • Content available in English and Vernacular languages
  • Designed for use in offline mode after downloading content once on to the device
  • Custom Image-Audio format in lieu of a normal video reduces the resource size by 90% compared to an equivalent mp4 format
  • Has built in quizzes, dashboard for progress tracking and certification module

The app is currently available for android devices on the play store and also as a webapp with limited feature set at The accompanying demo video covers the various use cases of the App.

Download from Google Play

Go to Sikshanapedia Web Application

Go to Sikshanapedia Dashboard

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